Friday Furloughs

This is not news to anyone in Hawaii, but the state government has instituted Friday Furlough for all public schools on the islands.  It is about the dumbest idea ever.

Now I do realize that there is always more to the story than we know.  The people making those decisions have their reasons.  It almost doesn’t matter what those reasons are.  It is their responsibility to make them, and I can question it – but it’s always easier to question a burden that I don’t know anything about or don’t have to carry.

I am sad for the kids in the public school system in Hawaii.  I hate the fact that they lose a day in the week – because of budget reasons.  I’m sure the kids in Hawaii aren’t losing any sleep over it.

I think the thing that makes me most sad is that the state might be saving money by canceling 17 Fridays in the public school system; that’s salaries that they don’t have to pay and electricity that they don’t have to use; but that at the end of the day, the kids suffer.  They lose out on their education.  They are that less prepared.  They lose.  It seems like a huge sacrifice to pay.  But I’m in education, why wouldn’t I think this way about it?  What can I do about it?

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