Your Lens

We all see things from a particular framework.  Your ignorance is the limit.  If you’re a theologian (and we all are) you see things from the limits of your theology.  If you are a sociologist, you cannot help but see thing from that perspective.  When you are in education, you focus is how it can be taught better or how you would have taught it.  If you are a philosopher – well, you think that you think deeply about thinking – it’s an endless cycle.

No matter what the perspective or the framework or the lens – it’s beautiful.  It’s part of the fabric of the life.  Theologians, Sociologist, Educators, and even Philosophers – the amalgamation of it all creates a beautiful tapestry.  We need it all.  We need all of these perspectives.  It provides a great picture of the entire body of God-created knowledge.

What’s funny to me is that sometimes, we only can see from our perspective.  That this is the only way to see it.

If you have not seen it from another perspective you can’t know it.  You cannot know something that you don’t.  Hahahaha.  Conversely, you can’t hold that against them.  They can only argue from the limits of their ignorance – and you can’t hold that against them.

Give grace.

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