My 11th 2nd Birthday

December 3, 1998.  I was in a huge car accident where my head went through the windshield of my car.  I fractured my forehead and my frontal sinus.  When they wheeled me into the hospital, my forehead was flapping as they wheeled me in.  They said that I had injuries so bad that air was seeping into my brain.  They kinda said it in a way that didn’t sound all that good.

I talked to a friend today that saw me that night 11 years ago.  He said that my face was hanging down.  The injuries were bad.  He also told me that there were towels and blood all over the place.  I don’t remember how much blood I loss, but it was bad – a few blood transfusions later, a titanium alloy plate, hundreds of stiches and countless other things, I’m still alive.  I can’t tell you how many times I heard that night that I should have died.  Every orderly, nurse and doctor told – like I didn’t know it.  When my main doctor walked in the room to first see me, he gasped.  That said everything.

For whatever reason, God wasn’t done with me.  Today is my 2nd birthday.  In many ways, it’s been extra because I should have died that day.  So I’m 11 years old – in my 2nd chance.  I can’t complain.  I think I’ve done more in the past 11 years than I have the previous 25 before that, but there’s something about “I almost died” that kinda helps you with that.

If you want to hear the longer version, let me know.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for being in my life and walking the journey with me.

8 thoughts on “My 11th 2nd Birthday

  1. Was it Steve you were talking about? What he remembered is close to what I remember : ) only more blood and being really scared I might lose you.

    1. It was Steve because I had talked to him yesterday about it – while we were in a meeting. I know that you were there that night and saw more of it, but I didn’t talk to you yesterday about it.
      Happy Birthday. You snowboarding today?

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