I wrote this a few years ago. The title today would be My 14th 2nd Birthday. If you wan to read about it, here it is.


December 3, 1998.  I was in a huge car accident where my head went through the windshield of my car.  I fractured my forehead and my frontal sinus.  When they wheeled me into the hospital, my forehead was flapping as they wheeled me in.  They said that I had injuries so bad that air was seeping into my brain.  They kinda said it in a way that didn’t sound all that good.

I talked to a friend today that saw me that night 11 years ago.  He said that my face was hanging down.  The injuries were bad.  He also told me that there were towels and blood all over the place.  I don’t remember how much blood I loss, but it was bad – a few blood transfusions later, a titanium alloy plate, hundreds of stiches and countless other things, I’m still alive.  I can’t tell you how many…

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