Need to Care Basis

I heard this line today.

You’ve heard the line – ….on a Need to Know Basis.  People will say this to you when they don’t think you’re important enough for the information.  They might give you the information if and when you “need to know.”

So then someone used this line today in a way that stood out to me.  There are some things in life – that should be on a ….Need to Care Basis.  I think the idea is that we sometimes care about things that we definitely don’t need to care about.  It challenges me to think about some of the things that I care about and re-evaluate whether I should or not.

Do you have a “caring” audit process?  I am not sure I have one.  I can point out some things that I care about and some things that I don’t care about at all.  I definitely don’t have a “caring audit process.  I need to create one so that I can look at all the things that I care about and say about things – that I will consider caring about something on a Need to Care Basis.


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