Life = Metrics

I’m still processing through my time at TEDxSanDiego.  I haven’t even looked at my notes yet.  As I wrote a few days ago – my mind is still full.

One of my friends asked me what my take-aways were.  This first was simple – Everyone wants to change the world, but not everyone has a plan.

But the second thing that stood out to me was that most of the presentations and commercials from the sponsors really relied heavily on metrics.  Everything needed a number.  Everything was more important or more effective because of a higher number.  Success was determined by numbers.  Like Brene Brown says – TED is the failure conference.  So that translates to many of the talks and presentations revolving around how people succeeded.  The metrics were the way to measure it.

The null curriculum here – the stuff that was not said – is that Life = Metrics.  If you’re not measuring your success with numbers then you’re just not doing well.  I think it also communicates that Life is no longer Organic.

Now, this is my take away.  This is an idea that I thought of in light of my time there.  I can’t point to any one presenter sharing this idea – it’s just my 2nd overall take away.

Do you see metrics in your life?  Do you see how success needs to be measured in order for it to be true?  Just curious.

2 thoughts on “Life = Metrics

  1. Lem, if this is what you came up with from TEDxSanDiego prior to going over your notes I look forward to reading the nuggets that your notes contain!

    There was a book out several years ago called The Number. It chronicled the importance of knowing the number (metric, measuring stick) of what a middle-aged couple would need to live the rest of their lives comfortably. It’s replete with thought-provoking questions.

    Here’s the point a life worth living is a life worth measuring or recording. Example. On my Facebook friend page (I know they call them fans) they provide details (numbers, percentages, matrices) that show me at a glance how much I am really connecting with them. It goes beyond their like clicks it really shows the connection.

    Here’s what I know about them 1) Effective communication means a great deal to them. How do I know? Because the post where I lamented about the frequency and levels of abbreviation in communication has garnered the farthest reach. Second most popular is about words and my love and respect for them. Third is about letting go. Funny thing is that my love of shoes (which I call shoe-cations) are way down the list. This tells me that my friends are interested in real stuff. Sure, they like memes and pictures of my shoes. However, that is not why they look out for my posts. Knowing this encourages me to share more of myself. More of my thoughts. We have a blast! Yes! It is important to know your numbers to keep score with yourself. Who did I help today? How many people was I kind to today? What group of people did I impact and how can I do better tomorrow. What number of hours were productive?

    After all, aren’t these the things that really matter?

    1. Jacqui
      Thank for reading the post. I appreciate you reading. I really liked what you bring up in light of the metrics that you shared. I know how important it is in our world today. Many of the presentations and presenters used them. They are so helpful.

      We live in a world full of metrics. I just watched a documentary on tv and the whole show was sharing percentages. Anytime I watch the news – metrics and percentages show up. It’s definitely part of life these days.

      More posts from the notes to come. Thanks again for reading.

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