From Idea to Done

I was talking with a friend about some of her design ideas.  She’s got tons of them.  She’s got great ideas for what she wants to do.

Having great ideas is not the problem though.  Making it happen is.  Getting it done is the issue.  Until I see a mock up or a final product even, every single one of those ideas will be just that – an idea.  It remains unrealized.  It remains an idea in someone’s head as opposed to something that can go on someone’s head, or body, or face.

It’s all about getting those ideas inside of your head to being done.

2 thoughts on “From Idea to Done

  1. “Done” is attained when you have a noble purpose behind that idea. That noble purpose is usually not for personal gain, but to help and encourage those who we love.” At least this is what turns my ideas into being DONE!

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