Photos and Identity Formation

Each digital image/photo that you post represents you. Each photo gives us a glimpse into who you are – or at least the you that you are projecting to us. It is a powerful identity construction tool. The pose that you are in when you take it; the digital effect that your image software allows you to use; they are all tools for identity construction.

These days, we have all sorts of tools to tweak the image. If you have a mac and you use the photobooth software that comes with it, you can construct all kinds of representations of identity. Each image says something about you. What does your image say about your identity?

6 thoughts on “Photos and Identity Formation

  1. You are so right on the button, Lem. That’s what I always tell my kids (and myself). Whatever image you portray, whether in your art, your words, your clothing (esp,. in this day and age where modesty is mocked), even the books you read, the music you listen to, movies you watched, things you post online–those “images” become and contribute to your person.

    Love your posts!

  2. Hello
    I would like some assistance.
    I have 2 old photos of a girl (girls?) from the 1920’s. I would like to know if it’s the same girl in both. Is there an expert way to find this out?
    Thank you
    Monica Bohm

    1. Hi Monica – I am sorry that I’m just getting to this. I don’t check my blog as often as I should. I should write more as well. I don’t know of any expert. You trying to figure out some family stuff? I’m sorry that I can’t help you with this.

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