Agnostic Programming

I heard this in a podcast today.  I’m not even sure who said it, but they said it to mean that as you program a website or an app – you have to do write it in such a way that a variety of browsers will load your website or app correctly.  Not only do you have to do it for browsers, you have to program for different operating systems.

What was interesting is the choice of words.  Agnostic – I actually love it.  I guess they used it to mean that there is not one operating system or environment (as you can tell, I’m not a technologist) so I don’t even know what phrases to use.  But they use all of these religious terms to describe the technology world – evangelist, faith, agnostic.  Even this idea of meta – sort of depicts all and everything.  I just find it fascinating that the words have this faith-based meaning to them.  Can you think of other words that technologist use that’s faith-based?

2 thoughts on “Agnostic Programming

  1. You might want to rework your definition of “agnostic” it can just mean noncommittal in general, and is used quite often in technical English in this way.

    1. You are absolutely right. I had just never heard it before in that context. I’ve since heard it many times in the way that you defined it. Thanks for the comment.

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