More of Lem’s Twitter Rules

I know that there are no rules for Twitter, but realized that there were some rules that I followed.  Check it out here – Lem’s Twitter Rules.

Just like my last post, if you’re not on Twitter, this post won’t make any sense to you – you should read these other posts about Twitter: The Wisdom on TwitterEveryone is a Source of SomethingBehavior Translated into Tweets, Jesus Would Have Tweeted. Here are more of my Twitter rules:

9. If you’re a CEO and you’re following me, I’m not going to following you unless I personally know you.

10. No picture = no follow.  I know it’s in the last set of rules, but it’s bears repeating.

11. Check out who’s following them. If they are interesting = follow.

12. Block anyone who will make you rich or give you some list or promise you more friends.  Block anyone that promises you anything.

13. If their hot pictures doesn’t match the topic, don’t follow. A girl in a bikini doesn’t really want to talk about my interest rates.

14. It is not possible to really know everyone that you’re friends with on Twitter, but it is possible to be nice to all of them.  If they’re not nice = unfollow.

15. You will become like those that you follow.

If you want me to follow you on Twitter – let me know @lemness.

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