An Academician’s Identity

George Bernard Shaw said that  “Those who can do.  Those who can’t teach.”

There is some truth to that in that Academicians or Theoreticians are just that – people that can sit and live in the world of ideas and theory.  They deal in ideas, numbers and a statistics.

You can’t expect teachers to do.  You can’t challenge them to make a difference in the world – because they can’t.  Well, not in a practical way, but in a theoretical or philosophical manner.  If academics could do that, they’d be doing it, but they can’t because they sit in the ivory tower and teach (actually, they research).

Academicians are stuck – stuck in the cycle of creating more students and thinkers to think in their way-to think in a way.  If it was truly a liberal education – one where we allow students to think and choose freely (liberally), then they would go out and truly change the world, but we don’t teach them to think that way.  We don’t teach them to think about changing the world – because most professors aren’t.

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