Bored not Dumb

There is a reason why students are leaving college and/or not hanging out at school.  It’s not that students are dumb.  Students are bored.  We as educators bore students.  We talk about student engagement – because we’re not that good at it.

As educators, we need to create an environment that effectively educates – and I’m not talking about entertaining students – I’m talking educating.  If we were better teachers, students wouldn’t be bored.  If we understood both the science and art of teaching – students would be more engaged.  But as academics, we are better at talking about the research behind it rather than the practice of it.  At least – that’s how I’m thinking about it right now.

2 thoughts on “Bored not Dumb

  1. I definitely agree with you. As someone who is wanting to go into the field of teaching, I see this quite frequently- an intelligent student, failing at something he would probably love to learn, if it was presented in a better/different fashion. Techniques and philosophies such as those concerning open-door teaching, working with circadian rhythms… those are examples of what makes an excellent environment for both learning and educating. Also, so many teachers fail to relate their subjects to modern-day examples, preferring to just deliver the material to the student, hoping the he/she will absorb it. Teachers forget that their whole careers are based around teaching- not just shoveling out information (which with new standards, is not entirely their faults).

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