Guest Blog Post from my friend Jasmine Kersting.  Check out her blog.  Here’s the post:

in college i wrote a paper pertaining to christianity and mutuality w/in friendships. friendships… the good, bad, annoying.

the prose was amazing. i made some thought provoking discoveries which seemed to challenge my own mind, as well as, other minds in the classroom, whom were seemingly committed to growth.

bottom line:
give. give. give. give. give. be generous. did i already mention give? give of yourself. god will fill you. etc. and yep. i threw in some scripture and it was a pretty, seven page, staple-in-the-left-corner assignment that i may have, or may not have turned in at the original due date.

well, nearing six years since my undergrad completion, and perhaps, seven or eight since the inital assignment was offered…

i now run across proverbs that discuss the generalized character traits that are wise to align oneself with. i have stubbled across betrayal, and disrespect has slapped my face numerous times. friendship. so, another revelation has been determined– a refined scope has been crafted… i will try to continue to give, to give, to give, to be generous. but- i value the healthy relationship and will invest wisely with approriate boundaries. i opt to be open, yet, less naive. oh, beautiful people– we are all so precious and fragile.

the proverbs are good.
that’s all.

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