Identity Watching

Okay, so maybe it’s just people watching.  I’m sitting at a table with a complete stranger sitting across from me chomping on his sandwich and shoveling his fries into his face.  It’s as intimate as 2 strangers can get – without really saying anything to each other.  He is looking everywhere but at me.  I got my earphones in – listening to my ipod – typing away on my netbook.

People watching is fun.  My table mate is doing the same – but it looks like he’s checking out chicks more than people watching.

I was thinking, is it possible to watch for identity.  (My table mate just took off – I think he could sense that I was writing about him.  He might be behind me looking over my shoulder).  Anyway, is it possible to identity watch.  As I attempt to – what I realize is that I am prejudging people – I can call it identity watching.

On the one hand, I’m trying to look for identity cues.  What are the identity projection cues of people?  What are the clues to their essential self – the self that they want to portray?

On the other hand, identity watching reveals so much about my identity.  What I notice.  What I choose to see.  What I am attracted to – not in an attracted way that my wife would kick my butt – but the “that caught my attention” attracted.

Identity watching is possible – just so long as your remember that it’s one part what you observe and the other part your identity spillage as you watch and observe.

What goes on in your mind when you identity watch?

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