What We Teach

I work at a school.  What do we teach?  Yes, we teach writing, reading, and math.  Sometimes we teach art, singing, and creativity.  But because it is a formal education setting – not the schola of old – we teach compliance.  That’s what we teach.  Do this for a A in the class.  Do this for a grade.  Color in between the lines.  Do as I say.  If you don’t, you get sent to the principles office or get a detention.  Inherent in schooling – is this idea of doing what the teacher tells you to.

But we want to teach leadership.  We want to teach them how to make change and have initiative.  We want to teach students to challenge and think outside of the box – to explore what it means to color outside of the lines – to create new worlds and seek opportunity.  If we want to teach leadership in school – we have to be willing to be challenged as teachers.  Our students that are leaders will challenge you.

Be amazing.  Teach leadership.  They’ll respect you for it.

One thought on “What We Teach

  1. and teach the expanded concept of leadership, ie – how recognizing and embracing strong leadership actually creates the leaders. Derek Sivers, “The first follower is what changes a lone-nut into a leader.”

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