Strategist and Tacticians

I posted a few days ago about Strategy and Tactics. I’ve still been thinking about it because of some of the podcasts that I’ve been listening to. Some of the podcasters are Strategists – they talk about the deeper thinking about whatever the topic might be. They can wax intellectual about the philosophical underpinnings of their topic.

Other podcasters are all tacticians – or practitioners. They give you the actionable steps for what they are talking about. Do this. Do that. This is how you can….”fill in the blank.”

You and I have a tendency or a propensity toward being a Strategist or a Tactician. Listen to podcasts that fit you. Find mentors that help you to develop your tendency – but know whether your mentor is a Strategist or a Tactician herself.

But just like the previous post, I don’t think it’s possible to completely be a Strategist or a Tactician. You might have a propensity toward one or the other, but you can’t talk about strategy without talking about tactics and vice versa. I think the danger is to just talk about one or the other completely. Doing so leads to inaction – but it’ll make you feel good. Use both, but know which one is your preference.

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