Twitter Tickertape Psychology

Okay, so I’m not a psychologist.  Most psychologist probably wouldn’t care about the psychology of the twitter tickertape.  When you watch the news, the olympic coverage, or some red carpet event – there will be this twitter ticker tape happening on the side.  Sometimes you’ll see it after a Google search – the last one I looked up was Mashable and it’ll show you a twitter ticker tape of the latest tweets.

The Twitter Tickertape would be confusing to most, but we are getting used to a main speaker on the screen and multiple other things going on at the same time.  Sometimes we listen to the speaker and read the tickertape of the tweets – during the event.

This has created a new generation of multitaskers that can listen and read and tweet all at the same time.  It seems pretty amazing right, but only within the realm of 140 characters.  I’m sure you won’t find it in the Psychology books, but this has created amazing possibilities but only within 140 characters – where the news stations will base their reports on the 140 characters – where you can do two things as long as it’s within the 140 characters.  All of the world and it’s possibilities in 140 characters.

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