Writing Your Bio

Is it hard for you to write your bio?  Why is it so hard?  (for some of us.  I am sure there will be a few that read that and will have no problem doing so.)  I mean, it’s not like I’m making stuff up.  I’m just writing about me.  I’m just telling you about what I do everyday – naturally and normally – okay, maybe sometimes not naturally, but there’s nothing wrong with writing out what you do or even more importantly who you are?

I think it’s uncomfortable for some of us to write it out because we are uncomfortable with who we are.  But one of the ways to get more comfortable with it is to actually write the bio.  So write your bio.  Share it with me.  Here’s the one that I wrote:

Lem Usita is VP for Student Life at San Diego Christian College.   He has taught in the Biblical Studies Department, teaching youth ministry and Bible.  Lem was involved in youth ministry for over ten years.  Lem is currently a doctoral candidate at Biola University.  He been involved in Higher Education for the past 7 years.  His research focuses on Adolescent Identity Formation in Online Space.  His research focuses on the impact that being online can have on an adolescent’s sense of identity and self.

2 thoughts on “Writing Your Bio

  1. I LOVE your subjects. So relevant, and to the point. I love reading bios…I like your bio. Mine is short and sweet: Helpmate & domestic engineer for almost 18 years, firm but loving mother of a teenager, a tweener, and an active 8 yo, aspiring crafter, photo-enthusiast, nocturnal, daytime zombie, chauffeur extraordinaire, blogger. I collect quotes, and I never leave home without my point & shoot Canon.

    1. Thanks for the comment – and the encouragement. It’s been fun to write and just share ideas. If you ever have a post that you want to share – I’d love to post it. I love your photos and your creativity. Thanks for sharing your bio. Mine was for a presentation that I’m giving in a little over a week. I’m sure I’ll post the presentation or something about it.
      Anyway, thank you once again. Keep writing. I love that you never leave home without your Canon. I should start hauling mine around. What do you haul it around in?

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