The Psychology of Cute

…in about 100 words.

You can’t yell at cute – well, actually you can, but you more than likely will not yell at cute. You just don’t yell at cute.

Cute also doesn’t know that they’re cute. In fact, they are sometimes so cute and so oblivious that it’s not real for them, but it is for everyone else.

Cute though can be lonely. Cute can be isolating. Cute can be easily misunderstood and easily hated and despised. If you don’t know that feeling and if you disagree with me – then you’re not cute. I don’t know what this feels like, but it feels counter-intuitive doesn’t it.

What else would you add?  Check out this post on the Price of Looking Cute.

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11 thoughts on “The Psychology of Cute

  1. I would have to agree with you! Sometimes people are so cute, they make me smile. And they are so oblivious to their cuteness that they say “what, what are you smiling at?” lol… Cute can be nerdy, cute can be genuinely sweet, cute is relative…different people think different things are cute! Love this this post! =)

    1. First of all, how were u able to find the 2 most looke at posts? Did u just see it on the side? So I am still trying to figure this stuff out. I feel like I got some juice with this blog but the subdomain name is limiting – but does that matter? I got a few other sites but i wirte most often here. Would it be better to blog at a domain name that i fully own?

      1. Well, it depends what you are trying to do…email me and tell me more about your purporpose! And, yes, I found it on the side…it seemed interesting. I love stuff like these. And the reason people hate cute is cause they wanna be but can never be cute. lol too bad for them! ❤ Keep up the good work and leme know how I can help u! ALso, please skool me on Blogg ettiquette, I dont wanna offend anyone! =) Twitter or facebook me for faster resoinses!

      2. Thanks for the comment and input. It works well when you’re able to use cute and place cute in the right places for best effect. Not that you’re using people, but being able to use cute is not necessarily a bad thing. Tell me – how do you use cute? That sounds like a good blog post.

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