The Thing that I Love About My Blog

… what I learn about you who read it. Whenever I check the sites stats, it shows the search terms that people used to find my blog, and it also shows the sites that they might have come from. Here are some of my observations.

1. People are struggling with their identity.
2. Readers want to understand their relatonships and the effects of pretending to be someone else online.
3. Emotions are a hard thing to understand, and people are looking for insights.
4. You guys are ADHD
5. You guys are needing insights on interpersonal relationships.
6. Some of you want to quit your families.
7. There are people thing think about Bigorexia.
8. We think about Facebook alot – as a drug; our facebook vouyerism; how to read a facebook profile; and all the other posts about Facebook.
9. What your Starbucks drink says about you.
10. And many of you wonder if you’re cute.
The thing that blows me away more than the fact that I have written about some this stuff is that you – for whatever reason – have read some of these ideas. Thanks for reading these ideas my friends.

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