What Does Your Starbucks Drink Say About You?

I didn’t realize how much I write about Starbucks until I did a search for Starbucks posts on my blog.  As much as I rip on Starbucks for continually serving Pike, I do spend alot of time there – and consequently drink alot of their coffee.

I was wondering about what our Starbucks Drink says about us.  Like:

– you can get your drink without sweetener – because you’re already sweet enough; so less sweetner = more of a sweet personality.

– the size of your drink has to say something about who you are – maybe the larger the drink, the more insecure you are.  Bring on the Trenta.

– the milk has definite connections with your psychological well being, or maybe just your lactose intolerance.

– the complex ordering has to do with how high maintenance you are, or maybe it is just that you’re fluent in Starbuckian.

What else would you add to this list?  Let’s create a framework.

10 thoughts on “What Does Your Starbucks Drink Say About You?

  1. I had to comment on this post!!!

    – Ordering just a simple plain cup of coffee may say you like it the old fashion way. (a traditionalist- usually a first born child) Or maybe you just can’t afford the fancy coffees!

    -Having your drink in a “for here cup” vs. the paper cup may say that you like to surround yourself with best things in life and the best thing about it is… it’s free. Sometimes, my coffee just taste better in the “for here cup”!

    – Ordering the same type of coffee for years may say that you’re afraid of changes. It’s just better to stay connected the familiar.

    – Adding extra shots to your drink may say that you have too many things on your plate that you’re trying to get done today. Maybe you need to prioritize and leave some room in your day for the real things that matter…like those who love you.

    -Creating your own special drink may say that you like to venture out and rise above the ordinary!

    THIS WAS FUN! I can go on and on… ❤

  2. Just happened across this page somehow.
    I would not say Large is an indicator of insecurity (because (‘m just a much larger than normal person), maybe a small one because “dammit, i could get fat on this stuff!”

    I do admit to having a cold personality, so maybe anything cold means such.

    After all this, I’ve been trying to give up Starbucks because it’s too expensive, and i lack cash. Maybe by going to Starbucks, you are indicating you are too lazy or lack the time to make a coffee with an old fashioned coffee maker and can of Max House.

    1. That’s such great insight. I was making stuff up with the whole Large business. I like the cold insight though. Honestly, we can make it all up. Not sure that your drink says anything except that you like this drink.
      You’re right – it is an expensive habit. I only drink drip cause it’s cheap.
      Thanks for the comment. Do you have blog?

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