Awhile ago, I wrote about what your starbucks drink says about you.

This is what I have been drinking these days.  I use my gold card so I get an .80 discount for the milk or the flavor or something.  Typically, this drink only costs 2.55.  Not bad for a drink.  But here it is: tall, extra hot, skinny cinnamon dolce latte.  I pronounce it dol-say instead of dol-chay.  I’ve heard both.  What do I know.

So what does it say about me?  I order the skinny because I think it tastes good.  I like the drink.  I like it extra hot, and they can never get LEM right.  I’m typically LEN at Starbucks.  I don’t mind that you mess up my name – just don’t mess up my drink.  Weird huh?


So what’s your drink at Starbucks?  I am sure that there are some of  you that are anti-Starbucks.  This post is not for you.  But the rest of you – what is your drink and what does it reveal about you?

2 thoughts on “SKCDL

  1. I don’t drink coffee – so I tend to have either a fruit juice, water, or very occasionally a hot chocolate or a green tea. While I was in Canada I spent a couple of days working in a Starbucks and I drank a lot of their Christmas Drink – Peppermint, skinny chocolate. I don’t think I could ever face one again, after that.

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