The Way Family Podcast

I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Way Family Podcast.  It comes out June 20, 2016 and you can find it here.  We talked about #identityformation and the impact that #socialmedia can have on identity.  We also briefly talked about extended adolescence and the way that #millenials are being formed because of […]

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Reclaim the Mystery

I heard someone say this.  The context of the conversation was how we live such public lives.  We do live our lives on Facebook and Twitter.  We spend times posting everything.  We share what sandwich we eat.  We share how we are feeling when we are standing in line when the person behind us is […]

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Social Flying

Have you ever heard about this?  Typically when you fly, you don’t talk to the person you’re sitting with.  I mean, you might, but for the most part, you just stay to yourself. When I flew to Turkey a few months back, it was a 14 hour flight.  I got to know the people around […]

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Blog Fast

I haven’t written a post in about 10 days.  It’s been really good.  Of course, there was a eek of camping and rock climbing and jumping off rocks and walking through rivers and “experiences” outside.  It was great to be outside. I felt differently when I came home.  I think I was tired physically, but […]

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Purge Friends

I heard someone say that today.  Think about that concept.  Let me break it down for you. purge  (pûrj) v. purged, purg·ing, purg·es 1. a. To free from impurities; purify. friend (frnd) n. 1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. 2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance. 3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle […]

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Facebook Fatigue

Are you tired of Facebook?  It’s been around since 2004.  They opened it up to other schools.  I remember when I signed up for it, I had to add all the information about our college – dorm names, majors.  I wasn’t just signing up for myself, but for the institution.  September 2005 was when I […]

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