Derive Meaning From All the Tracks of Life

I heard this line today.  They were talking about social media and all of the check-ins and status updates that we post.  They were talking about being able to go back in time and check out tweets and check-ins from all of these different tracks and trying to derive meaning out of it.

Think about that.  Why did you post what kind of sandwich you had?  Why did you check-in to that store that day?  Why do you self promote?  Was it more like a humble brag?

It’s great to be able to go back and see what you did in the past.  It’s even better when you are able to figure out why you did what you did.  I think many times we don’t think about what it is that we do.  It’s always good to be able to go back and really take a look at these things.

These are the things that shape identity.  Even posting about a certain sandwich from a certain shop on a certain day tells us a whole lot about your identity.  We might be wrong, but it communicates who you are.

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