Email Raises Cortisol

Did you hear about this?  There is a study out there that takes a look at how e mail raises your cortisol levels.  What that means is that email stress you out.

The study says that most people have a email window open on their computer, and they check it 37 times every hour.  If you work an 8 hour day – you do the math.

More email stresses you out.  Email raises your cortisol levels.

If you’re stressed – maybe you need to cut some email of your life.  Don’t let it rule you.  Rule your e mail, and consequently, you can rule your stress.

So the identity insight – when you’re not stressed you can shape your identity.  Stress can also shape your identity, but not in a good way.

Stressed?  Email me.

One thought on “Email Raises Cortisol

  1. Email is important, but the key to it is to remember that our inbox will always be full. Great post Lem, that is interesting but not surprising about the study.

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