The Cell Phone Glow

I went to a show tonight, and the doors opened an hour before so we sat there for an hour waiting for the show.  It was very interesting to me to note that even though there were a few hundred people in the room.  It was relatively quite. People were interacting – but not with each other.  Everyone was on their phone.  It was interesting to see this angelic glow light up the faces of the people in the room.  I was on my phone.  I got on it to write down the title of this post.

You can pretty much see the cell phone glow everywhere.  It’s just a part of life now.

Have you ever seen what you look like in the cell phone glow?

This is who we are now.  We are people that always need to be on.  We are people that need to entertain ourselves constantly.  We can’t just sit there for an hour and talk.  We need our phones to do so.  It speaks of a certain type of identity.  The kind that needs and probably longs for deep connection.

When you see the cell phone glow – know that there is a need for deep connection.


4 thoughts on “The Cell Phone Glow

  1. The two screen thing, that Seth Godwin talks about. I enjoy my phone, and all I can do on it, but I also enjoy having freedom from it. People who live their lives through FB, Twitter etc are missing a part of their own identity, in that they always are looking to someone else to find out what they are doing. THey can’t just be quiet, be still, and breathe.

    It is important that we realise we have control over our phones, they don’t control us. As much as I like checking my phone and fiddling with all I can do on it, human interaction is always more important to me.

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