The Time for Movements

I heard someone say that today.  We are living in a time of movements.  I am sure you can tell me about the ones you’ve studied or watched on the news.  Just think back a few months ago to the Occupy Movement.  It’s easy these days to be a part of a movement.  All you gotta do is show up.

It’s also possible to work for somewhere where a movement is happening.  Do you know what I mean?  Do you work for someone/somewhere where there is a movement that’s happening?  Do you go to work – excited to know that you are a part of this movement?  It is possible – not matter what job to be a part of a movement.  Some times it’s stated, and sometimes everyone there just knows what it is that they do.  There is a story.   There is something bigger that everyone is striving to do.  They are excited because they are a part of something.  They are excited because they are a part of the movement.

The identity insight is that being a part of something gives you identity.  Being a part of a movement gives you a sense of identity and self  That’s not ever a bad thing.

If this is the the for movements, this is also the time to find your identity in a movement that matters.  Go check out Kickstarter or Kiva.  Go to a TED event or go back to school.  Go become a Sea Shepherd.  Do something.  Be someone.  Matter.

3 thoughts on “The Time for Movements

  1. I love this line

    Do something. Be someone. Matter.

    Totally agree – we have it all at our fingertips, all we have to do is go for it, and keep believing.

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