Reclaim the Mystery

I heard someone say this.  The context of the conversation was how we live such public lives.  We do live our lives on Facebook and Twitter.  We spend times posting everything.  We share what sandwich we eat.  We share how we are feeling when we are standing in line when the person behind us is right on our business.  We share how much we hate Pike coffee at Starbucks.  This person was saying that we need to reclaim the mystery of who we are because we share everything.  We need to reclaim the mystery because we share too much.

I don’t know if I agree with this person.  I think you can share everything online, and still have mystery about you.  Just because I share everything with you online – that doesn’t mean that there isn’t mystery left.

Here’s the thing – we tend to live life on the surface.  There is no way that we live truly public lives – mainly because we don’t really do the work to figure out the depths of our being.  I just don’t think we can expose everything about who we are that there is no mystery left.  I think only people that live on the surface needs to reclaim the mystery.  Diving into the depths of your self will be an ocean of mystery.

Which side do you sit on?  What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Reclaim the Mystery

  1. I think beyond whether we live our lives on the surface or not, I would ask where in scripture does it call us to keep secrets in our lives or keep mystery in our lives. I think as Christians people have really tried to embrace a “personal relationship” and use that term out of context with scripture. Sure God wants to know you intimately and personally but that doesn’t mean he is just for you, or that you have an extreme different view of God than I do and both of us be right. One of us will be right or we will both be wrong, but scripture really only talks about being a believer as a community situation, and I believe that community being one that is open and shares life with each other.

    1. You’re right. We need community – the kind of community where we share life with each other. I’ve written about how we are not super good at confession. We don’t share this stuff well.

      Thanks for the comment.

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