Place of Abundance

“The quickest place to riches is the appreciate what you have.”

I heard that at a conference I went to and I can’t tell you who said it. I really like the quote though.  Riches has to do with contentment, and it is not about what you don’t have.  I guess I’m talking to those that think they are poor because of what they don’t have.

Riches isn’t about how much money you have. It is possible to have tons of money and still not feel rich – because you’re not appreciative of what you have. Conversely, you can have very little and still be rich because you are content.

If you base riches on having stuff that you don’t have, you’re not rich.  I heard as a teenager that if I base being rich on experiences and relationships – no one will ever take that away from me and that I can be rich.  I consider myself rich because of that.

I know what you’re saying though – only poor people think this way.  Then you’re not rich.

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