I Like the Taste of Tap Water

It might not be important to you, but I like the taste of tap water.  I can drink tap water.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ll drink bottled water – most of which is tap water in a bottle.  Okay – argue with me if you would like.  But back to tap water.  I like the taste of tap water.  Why do I bring this up in a blog about identity?  Well – it’s definitely an identity to not like tap water.  I remember when the move Clueless came out and Alicia Silverstone (I can’t remember her name in the movie), only drank bottled water.  I started meeting people that would only drink out of bottled water.

I heard Greg Koch give a talk at TEDxAFC last saturday about water.  You’ll be able to hear the talk in a few weeks I’m sure.  It was a great talk.  He talked about how much of a waste bottled water is.  Wait to hear his talk.  I’m not going to share any of his ideas.

My thought after hearing his talk – I Like the Taste of Tap Water.

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