Social Flying

Have you ever heard about this?  Typically when you fly, you don’t talk to the person you’re sitting with.  I mean, you might, but for the most part, you just stay to yourself. When I flew to Turkey a few months back, it was a 14 hour flight.  I got to know the people around me, but imagine flying and picking a seat because you saw their Facebook profile.  Well now you can.

That’s right.  You can pick your seat by checking out some Facebook profiles.  Here’s an article about it.  Yes, social flying.  You can tag your seat.  You can let people know where you’re sitting.  I guess technically you could use the same service to pick a seat away from someone just as easily as you could pick a seat next to them.

I guess I could have just as easily called this post – Unsocial Flying.  Pretty soon we’ll be tagging our seats in church and letting people know that we are at the mall or at Wal-mart.  How cool would it be to check in to a location to let everyone know that we’re not at our house so that someone can go there and take our stuff.  Oh wait, we already have that.


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