Education and Fear

I have been reading Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams.  Click here to get it for yourself.  I think it’ll be inspiration for a few more blog posts.  He highlights how our educational system is built to prey upon our fears.

What we have fundamentally done is created students that are afraid of getting a bad grade.  We motivate students through this fear.  Have you ever seen a teacher – a good one that can just give a look to her class and get the entire class to shut their mouth.  They wouldn’t dare challenge her for fear of a bad grade or even failure.  And that’s just it.  It’s about the fear of failure.  We have created students that aren’t willing to try out anything new or they wouldn’t dare color outside of the lines – they would fail.  No body wants to fail.

He suggests that instead, we teach out of love, but you’re going to have to download the thing in order to read it for yourself.  Are you afraid?


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