The Psychology of Angry Birds

I know you are curious about it.  You might even be addicted to Angry Birds.  You’re reading this because you really want to know what the Psychology of Angry Birds is.  Well, here it is.


n., pl., -gies.

  1. The science that deals with mental processes and behavior.
  2. The emotional and behavioral characteristics of an individual, group, or activity: the psychology of war.
  3. Subtle tactical action or argument used to manipulate or influence another: He used poor psychology on his employer when trying to make the point.
  4. Philosophy. The branch of metaphysics that studies the soul, the mind, and the relationship of life and mind to the functions of the body.

Angry Bird

n. pl., -s.

1.   Angry Birds is an Apple iPhone arcade game developed by Clickgamer Technologies Ltd. The game has 180 levels, leaderboards, achievements, and Facebook and Twitter integration. The game challenges players to catapult birds with various abilities at structures containing egg-stealing pigs.

2.  This is an incredibly addicting and annoying iPhone game. In the game, there is a slingshot used to launch birds at pigs. Really, there is no point to this game since it takes away from your social life and it annoys your girlfriends/boyfriends. It also can teach kids that it is OK to launch birds in slingshots. This is definitely not something we want.  (

3.  The most addicting iPhone game you will ever play. Ever.  (

I played the game once.  Hahaha.  I played it until I finished it.  It was like 2 years ago when I got it.  When I first played, there was only one version.  They didn’t have any of the expansion stuff or any of the birds the flew backwards or the big one that explodes.  There’s one that does that right?  I haven’t really played the game since, but let me tell you – when I first started, I couldn’t stop playing until I finished the entire thing.  I finished it and have never played again.

Last night, DC was playing it last night.  Oh My!  Have you seen it lately.  I about had an anxiety attack.  Shoot.  There were so many logs and bombs and bricks.  I remember when I first played it – I remember tweeting pictures of certain stages – asking any of my followers if they could tell me how to complete the stage.  The stage (i just looked at the game, I guess it is a “world” not a stage) that I saw last night – no way!  It would drive me crazy.  It totally seemed impossible – then I saw the next one.  Forget about it.

Here’s the thing though.  The game is cheap.  It will give you hours and hours of fun.  There is this button that you can click in the left hand top corner – the pause button.  then there’s this other button that allows you to start the game up again.  In fact, you can keep trying until you get your score and some of you don’t stop until you get 3 stars.  You know you who you are – always going for the highest score with the least amount of birds.

Why do people play the game?  You tell me.  I think people play the game because it is great escape.  It provides hours and hours of fun.  You got that replay button that allows you to fail – over and over and over again – until you get it.  It allows you to escape from life.  You might not be too successful in what you do, but Angry Birds will provide an escape.  You can play it to let our your aggression.  You can yell at the game and it will not yell back at you.  Angry Birds will bring out the best in you.  It will bring out the worst in you.

So what’s the lesson of this post?

Well, you come up with it.  Some of you need the escape from life.  Angry Birds is a fantasy place where you can escape.  Some of you need that replay button.  Some of you need to succeed as something – it might as well be Angry Birds.  Some of you would rather be addicted to this than to something else – hint – being addicted to anything is no good.  Some of you have no life, but Angry Birds has give you life.  Some of you aren’t good at anything, but you can be good at Angry Birds.  Some of you are still reading this post and thinking “Why am I not playing Angry Birds?”

Whether it brings you anxiety or it brings you joy – that tells me something about you doesn’t it.  One thing is for sure, it’s hard to quite your Angry Birds identity.

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