Insecure Friends

If you have them, still be a friend.  Just know that if you intimidate them too much, they’ll stab you in the back.  We all have them.

Help them to be more secure.  Encourage them if you need to.  They’ll need it.  They’ll need more attention than you can give.  They’ll zap you of all of your energy, and if you are going to be friends with them, they’ll continue to take.

Just keep this in mind if you’re going to be their friend.

What’s funny is that only my insecure friends will be asking themselves if they are one of them.

3 thoughts on “Insecure Friends

  1. Absolutely Brilliant! I love this, and agree with everything you have said Lem.

    Sometimes, knowing a person is insecure helps with the friendship because we can know not to expect a lot if anything from them.

    ‘ Just know that if you intimidate them too much, they’ll stab you in the back.’

    This line resonanted so very much with me. I had this happen to me several times when I was younger, until I began to learn about boundaries, and that my responsibility was to me, not to make other people feel better about themselves, at the expense of my own sanity.

  2. I say to call your friends on their poor behavior. How will they ever recognize when they step over the line of your personal space or the personal space of others if you don’t. Certainly encourage them, but being insecure is not a license for a “fixable” problem.

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