The High Five

I was watching a show – Dhani Tackles the Globe.  Have you ever seen it?  He travels the world and he thinks that in order to really get to know the culture, you have to learn about the games that they play.  There are other shows that focus on the food and the…well, culture, but this one is focused on the games.

As I was watching the one where they were in New Zealand, they had completed what they had set out to do.  Dhani wanted everyone there to put their hands up – to give the a high five.  One of the kiwis said that it was banned in their country.  Dhani asked why?  They told him that it’s too American.  Hahaha.  That’s hilarious.  The High Five is banned in New Zealand because it’s too American.  Think about it!  We High Five pretty often.  It’s definitely our thing.  People in other parts of the world don’t really appreciate it much.  I thought that was very interesting.  Next time you High Five someone, just think that there are many parts of the world where that doesn’t mean anything.

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