Love Deeply

I was listening to a podcast recently and was struck by this one comment (well, I was struck by the whole thing, but this one comment really stood out to me).  If you have never experienced pain, you have not experienced or learned to love deeply.

The idea is that you can only truly feel pain when you have taken a chance on loving something deeply.  When you don’t take a chance on love and when you don’t take a risk on love, then you live a safe and boring life.  You don’t take a chance on love and in doing so you don’t experience the pain of losing something that you’ve loved.

Here’s the thing though, if you love something so much – you also experience the freedom that that love brings.  Some people though will never experience that love because they know the risk involved in loving something that much can bring so much pain.

When you feel pain, it’s because you loved deeply, but it is possible to love deeply and not experience pain.

My hope is that you experience deep love and the freedom that comes with it.  But if there’s pain, that you realize that you have loved deeply.



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