Mutuality of Friendship

Just recently, I wrote about Insecure Friends.  Check it out here.

Tonight, I was reading about the mutuality of friendship.  On the friendship spectrum, the Insecure Friends post is on the end.  On the other end is your friends that do nothing but take from you for themselves.  I guess, this idea might even be on the Insecure Friends section of the friendship spectrum as well.

What I really wanted to talk about was this concept of the Mutuality of Friendship.  It’s a deep friendship.  It’s a friendship that connects on a spiritual level.  It’s brotherhood or sisterhood.  I like this idea of the Mutuality of Friendship.

Right before our eyes, the concept of friendship is changing.  I have over 2k friends on Facebook.  I know most of them – there are a few long lost cousins that I’ve never met that I’m getting to know over Facebook.  Friendships are changing.  Even friends that we don’t have a connection to we’ll call friends.

The Mutuality of Friendship is a give and take.  This deep friendship is the kind that can share more stories about you than you want anyone in your current era to know.  They’re long friendships.  They are loyal friendships.  They are the kind of friendships that you invite into your home or more importantly into your heart.

I’ve been writing about a few things lately: creativity, education, identity, and this idea of friendships keep coming up.  I need to show my appreciation for my deep friendships more.  This week, I have had wonderful conversations with some good, good friends.  They give me so much, and equally so, I give them so much.  But I would give them more than that – even if they don’t ask because there is Mutuality of Friendship.

If you know about this type of deep friendship, I’d love to hear about yours.  I want to learn from you so that I can have more of these types of friendships.

If you want to be my friend on Facebook, please friend me there and let’s start the journey to deep friendship.

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