My Klout Influential Topics

I never check my Klout scores.  It only means something to Klout people.  I recently checked and happened to see my most influential topics.  Since I only connect with Twitter and not Facebook, these are topics from just tweets.  I’ll list them with a comment or two, and I don’t think they’re in any particular order.

1. Yer – evidently, I am a horrible speller/writer.

2. Food – no need to comment. (except a non-comment is a comment)

3. College – I teach at one.

4. iPhone – I tweet with mine.

5. Blogging – anytime I post, it gets tweeted.

6. Coffee – i can’t help it.

7. Costco – really?

8. Academics – refer back to #3.

9. Books – refer to #8.

10. Sushi – if you check out my Twitter bio, I am a self proclaimed sushi consultant.

11. Video – I have no clue.


There you have it.  The things that I tweet most about, but you probably already knew this.

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