How Much Do You Love Your Phone?

How much do you love your phone?  Have you ever thought about that?  I know that you can’t live without your phone – that’s a given.  Most of us can’t live without it so I don’t really want to know if you can live without it.  I do want to know how much you love your phone.

I have an iPhone 4.  I love my phone, but something happened to my phone today.  I was helping someone out – with the hand that I happen to also have my phone in – they yanked what I was helping them out with and my phone went flying.  It landed on the back side – which was good.  It cracked the glass in the back – which was not that good.

How much do I love my phone – not enough to get mad, but enough to still love my phone.  Lame huh – how much we love our phones.

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