A Tribesman will Never Struggle with Identity

You’ll have to watch Steven Pressfield’s video where he describes the difference between a tribesman and a citizen.  And although he describes the tribesman and a citizen for a totally different context, the idea still holds – A tribesman will never struggle with identity.  He knows who he is.

The independent, autonomous citizen is the one that struggles.  He needs to find his identity in the multiplicity.

Someone that’s a part of a tribe knows:

– You belong.  You are part of a group……you’re surrounded and supported.

– You know who you are.  You know who your enemies are.  You know who your friends are.  You know what’s expected of you.  You know what role you have to play.  You are absolutely secure in your identity.  Your identity is solid and grounded.

– You have significance.  You’re valued.  Your world has meaning.

Identity is something that everyone is looking for.  If you find yourself in a tribe, you don’t have to look far.

Thanks Steven.



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