Your Identity

There are so many facets to your identity.  There are some deep, deep “essence” type stuff that makes up your true identity.  The metaphysical and ontological versions of you.   There are definitely those aspects of who you are, but typically when I talk about identity, I tend to talk more about the physical and even superficial markers of your identity.  Typically, I deal with stuff that I can see.  I cannot see any of the metaphysical and ontological stuff of identity.  I can see your name – or your screen name projection.  I can definitely see a version of you – by your very cool email address name that you’ve chosen for yourself.  I can see a version of you when I look at your facebook profile.  You photo tells me somehting about you – I’m not sure it tells me much about the meta-onto – stuff.  Maybe it does – but that’s not my field. You are your name.  In this era, you are who google says you are.  What does google say about you?

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