The Semiotics of Clothes 2

A little over a month ago, I wrote a post on the semiotics of clothes. You can click to see the post – but the main idea of the last post was that the responsibility rested on the wearer of the clothes; that the wearer is responsible for what is being communicated with the clothes.

Today, I was in a conversation about wearing clothes that actually say something.  Inherent in the semiotics of clothes is that it communicates some kind of message, but clothes that actually have words on it – that’s not just some subtle communication – it’s overt.  The things that come to mind are clothing that signifies a particular brand – like a mercedes benz hat or porsche jacket.  It could actually have the brand name like – Juicy Couture or Polo written on it.

But even clothes that have writing on it – communicates 2 things.  If a shirt has writing on it that says – “sarcasm-just another service I offer.”  It communicates that they are sarcastic – because of the saying, but it also communicates what their sense of humor is like.  It might also communicate a lack of style, but I guess that would depend on who the audience was.

Your clothes can be an identity projection – whether there’s writing on it or not.

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