Pluralistic Attitudes

I have been reading all weekend.  I’ve done some reading in leadership, but most of my reading has been for my dissertation – so I’ve been reading on Identity and the theoretical constructs for identity and self.  Many of these researchers write about identity and self – making bold claims about how it’s formed, expressed, or reflected upon.  But they all end pretty much the same.  They all end with this idea that we just can’t know it for sure.

The one line that stood out is that even researchers and theoreticians have to maintain a pluralistic attitude about their own ideas.  One other perspective is that there needs to be further research in order to really understand it further.

There is a reason for all of this.  The idea of identity and self is just to complex.  There is too much to really understand it fully.  Who can know a person’s heart?  Not even that person can know it.  You must have a pluralistic attitude toward any sort of explanation – because quite simply, no one can fully know it and understand it.

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