Twitter Follower Envy #Followers

I heard that Twitter was dead – I heard it in a podcast – but with millions of people on it, it’s not quite dead yet.  I have been using it, but I had Twitter Follower Envy.  I did not want to use it because I didn’t have thousands of followers.  I know – super lame – on my part.

Something happened though that changed my perspective.  I started following the right people.  The right people for you might be different for me, but they were the right people.  I started reading the articles that they were retweeting.  I am learning so much and I try to add value – but I am learning so much and gaining so much from it.  I am sure that I get a few looks on my blog from it.  I’m starting to gain more followers – but it’s not so much about that.  It’s about who I am follow and what I am learning.

So – tell me who I should follow.  Find me at @Lemness.

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