Check Out My #Toyota

Lately, Toyota has not gotten the best press.  I have to tell you though – I love my Toyota (Click here to see my last post about it).  In fact, I have 2 of them.  I have a 99 4Runner and a 09 Matrix, and yes, I had to take the Matrix in for a recall fix.  I only had one fix though so I was out of there in no time and when they called me back, I tried to give them a hard time and it was quite an inconvenience but I still love my Toyotas.

I figured that I’d share a picture with you of my 4Runner.  This one didn’t have a recall, and we bought it off of the in-laws 5 years ago.  You guys can hate on Toyotas all you want, but can you get this?


And I took the picture 3 days ago.  I’ve put more miles on it since.  I am planning on having my Toyota for a few more years and at least another 100k miles more.

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