Jesus Would Have Tweeted

Jesus was pretty amazing in building relationships and creating community.  He could gather a crowd of people that wanted to sit at his feet and hear what he had to say.  Jesus had important things to say.  He gave sermons at the mount and spoke to the winds and the waves.  That would have be so interesting to see his tweets.  Can you just see it?

“Just turned water into wine – made it better than the stuff that they served first.”

“Just talked to a Samaritan woman – asked her about living water.”

“Pretty much just turned over every table at the temple – what were they thinking.”

“I’m not to popular with the Pharisees and the Sadducees – but I still care about them.”

What do you think he would have tweeted?  Share some with me.  Leave a comment of what Jesus would have tweeted.  Do you think Jesus would have used foursquare?  He would have definitely been a Mac.

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