Uncle Wisdom

Don’t ask me why I’ve been thinking about this.  It might just be because I am an uncle now or maybe I was reflecting on the uncles that I’ve had and the wisdom that was passed on to me because of them.

Do you know what I mean?

I’m talking about those uncles that have given you wisdom.  For instance, I had an uncle that told me that if I peed on the flowers and pretty much anything in the garden that my pee would help these beautiful living things grow.  I took that wisdom as a little boy and practiced such sage advice to help all the spinach and whatever else was planted grow.

I think it just comes with Uncle-dom.  When you become an uncle, you get to pass on your sage-like wisdom to your nieces and nephews.  You can pass on the pee on the plants type wisdom, but you are also then charged with loving and caring for them in that – I love you and care about you so much but I’m glad that you don’t go home with me – kind of way.

So Uncle Teddy, Tito Boy, Tito Pablo, and all the other titos and uncles out there – here’s to you.  Thank you for your Uncle wisdom.

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