Your Unique Ideas

I have had a few of your tell me lately that you have appreciate my ideas.  Thank you for sharing in the journey and reading my random rants and inspiring (to me) ideas.

One of you said that my ideas were unique and interesting (thank you Sara W for that-buy her shirts-i’ll give you the url as soon as I know it).

I was thinking about that comment, and my ideas aren’t unique to me – because they’re my ideas.  When you live in your ideas, you live in normal and natural ideas that come from your mind and heart.  They aren’t unique.

What makes your ideas unique is context.  Your ideas can become unique in the context of someone else’s ideas.  When you share your idea with someone else – they can deem your idea unique because it is.  An idea in your head – that hasn’t been shared is just that – an idea that hasn’t been shared.

Your unique ideas become so in the context of your ideas being shared – of course – whenever you share your ideas, you risk the fact that your ideas might be boring as well – depending on who you share it with.

What’s your unique idea?

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