What You Read In Books

I just bought the book Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinmeier Hansson.  They are the 37 Signals guys.  They’ve created some pretty good stuff.  In their book, they talk about how they have built their company and sold software and ideas to millions – but they didn’t do it in the traditional and normal way.  They gave stuff away.  They created stuff that other companies needed, but they didn’t necessarily know that they need it it at first.  All good stuff.  It’s all stuff that we would want – no matter what company you work for, but even though they have great ideas of doing things differently and new – if you work for a place where they do it the same old way, you can’t just start doing it like how you read it in the books.  It takes time and wisdom.  And a whole lot of work.  Unless you run the place – and most of us don’t – you can’t quite make happen – what you read in books.

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