LL 32: An Opportunity to be Amazing

I haven’t written a leadership lesson lately – although I’m learning tons about leadership.  Last week, I asked my server at a restaurant if she was amazing.  She came to get my order and I ask, “How amazing are you?”  My main motivation was to order something off menu – something that she would have had to ask permission to do.  The other reason was to assert some leadership and get what I truly craved.

It was all in good fun, but my server was definitely feeling the pressure.  She said, “I have never had so much of my self-worth riding on my job.”  I definitely wasn’t trying to be a jerk, but I had created an opportunity for her – an opportunity to be amazing.

She pulled through and was able to make happen what I was craving.  She was amazing – actually – she was amazing whether she was able to pull it off or not, but I gave her an opportunity to be.

As leaders, we can create these opportunities for the leaders that follow us to be amazing.  I like the idea that we can give an opportunity to be amazing.

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